1_логотип_КОЗЫРЕВ золотойThe activity of The Kozyrev & Partners Ltd is based on the legal professionalism, reliability and quality of our legal services
and on the honesty and candour before our Client.
The main principles of The Kozyrev & Partners Ltd activity are professionalism and timely execution of our services.
We realize that our Clients first of all are interested in the receiving of high-quality legal services.
We are sure that cooperation with our Clients encourages the effective solving of the legal matters so we aim at the long-term partnership relations.

Immediacy is one of the specific features of our activity for the Client’s welfare often depends on the quick solvation of the case.

We solve both our Clients’ problems and reveal and dispose their cause. We also suggest to our Clients the most optimal means
for prevention of such problems in future using the comprehensive approach in our work.